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trial in the history of the united states. that's my conclusion after studying it as close as i could. and that's the report of my book. i try to explain in my book why i believe that to be true, and i will try to give you a suggestion on what i believe that to be true in my remarks here tonight. john brown's trial was the first trial in the history of the united states to receive massive attention from national media. it was the first trial in which a defendant was executed for treason against a state, as opposed to treason against the united states. it was the first trial in which an accused defendant appealed to a higher law to justify violent crimes. it was a trial that involved more than just a determination of an individuals guilt or innocence, according to laws laid down in statute books and in case reports. it was a trial that pitted two starkly different moral visions against each other. one of these visions defended the institution of chattel slavery as traditional, necessary, just and worthy of protection from outside interference. particularly, from the outside interferenc
chance to mention just exactly what we do in the united states that t china. in the-- the minut& >> bill planning with the pres thank you very much. now here's maggie.-- >>> a drug. millions take zetia by merck, but renewing questions about whether it our dr. jennifer ashton is here with go y- this at length this morning b- becauecause so many people do take this this journ 200& for 14 months. som- others were taking an over the counter vitamin. wh >> had cardiovascular risk factors or t attack - they were already on a stat & - pconcont
is it when a united states citizen is declared disabled they have to wait time before they can get medicaid or medicare? host: 8 collar like that, better worse off? -- a caller like that. . guest: there are obviously community health clinics and other medical facilities that provide medical care cheaply or, in the cases of need, for free. i'm not minimizing the collar's husband's typical. i am sure -- caller's husband's difficulty. but there is health care available in the country for people who cannot afford to pay. ad. caller: good morning, michigan. host: michigan. i'm sorry. caller: i just wanted to say the last time i checked, unemployment was 19.5%, and my husband, who just had his 29th anniversary at the company he worked at has been laid off and is losing his mind. i would be crying if i thought it would do any good, but it will not. he is doing everything he can to find a job. as soon as he sees something in the newspaper, he goes there. he is so talented, he can fix anything, but he is 65 years old, too, and that is a problem. a few weeks ago, senator lugar? he was on "newsmakers"
but there is no question that commercial property in the united states is in bad shape it is going down. and there is a lot of genuine worries about that. dubai as a symbol might focus more attention next week but i think dubai is postly about emerging markets. our home problems are very much about the united states and they are very big and they are much bigger, actually, than the problems in dubai. >> warner: so the u.s. problems you think are a lot bigger. >> the total losses from the crisis so far worldwide which mostly concentrate on the united states $1.7 trillion. we're talking about credit losses in dubai of perhaps $20 billion. so that an order of magnitude, two orders of magnitude smaller in dubai than what we have seen in the united states. the additional problems in the united states are another 100, 200, 300 billion but they are coming on top of all these existing problems. they are coming into a banking system that is weak already in the united states. >> warner: so briefly do we have reason to be nervous by what happened today in dubai. >> yes, it should make us nervous. came at an ago waurd
manufacturing jobs in the united states. before you head to break, work or school. >> temperatures not a bad start for us, but changes on the way. some wet weather too. we'll talk about when the wet weather gets here. >> reporter: good morning from the mta. for your commute start, you'll find a 5 minute delay on the metro subway. marc train operating on time. on the buses, look for heavy volume on 7, 23 and 19 bus lines and number 36 bus using alameda and 736 street due to construction. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. >>> the nutcracker is coming to the hippodrome december 24-26. call that number on your screen if you'd like tickets. we'll be right back. so, did you get your son anything yet? yeah, i got him that transformers revenge raptor thing. yes, the ramjet raptor, introduced to the transformer family in may of '09. i prefer the skywarp figure with six guided missiles and also comes with a limited-edition collectors card. [ female announcer ] it's the most wonderful time of the year, and walmart's here to help. it's cyberweek at walmart.com, txoÑe of the lowest prices of the
as a citizen of the united states is just appalling. i think eric holder should have left them in guantanamo bay and be tried there. i lived in new york in 2000 and 2001. it was just terrible. for them to be tried in a federal court, it just speaks to this country to give people that do not ware uniforms, do not apply to the geneva convention to come to our country and then be given rights like a citizen. host: david, in this newspaper article, attorney general holder elected to proceed with the first u.s. criminal prosecution alleged to have been directly involved in the plot eight years ago that targeted the world trade center and pent he gone because of his full confidence in the successful outcome. tell us why you are not as convinced of the outcome? caller: i'm not confident because i believe that in our country, people are innocent until proven guilty. when you use water boarding and all these things they are trying to use against ournqq governmen why should a terrorist be given rights in our country. host: let's go to the democratic line. caller: i think they should be tried here. t
.s. secretary of state, secretary of war, and finally, to term president of the united states, the fifth president. as governor of virginia he became the second most powerful figure in america. virginia then was america's largest, wealthiest and heavily populated state with 20% of the american population. it stretched all the way to the mississippi river and all the way north to the great lakes. it was enormous and the prestige and its importance of the governor was akin to the governors of california, illinois, new york and texas put together. and monroe was not only governor of america's most important state, he was a national hero in the revolutionary war. in other words he was a giant in his day and i don't understand why historians ignore him which is why i wrote this book to restore him to his rightful place in american history as the most important president in the early days of the nation. now some historians elevate john adams to historical prominence and most historians deify thomas jefferson and james madison and these were three great founding fathers and great political phil
on tropical storm ida. 50-mile per hour winds and heavy rain across much of the southeastern united states which has led to flooding in some areas particularly across portions of alabama. that is where the heaviest rain is right now. center of the storm has not yet made landfall but much of the rain and wind on the northern portion of that storm certainly has made landfall. right now, we are dealing with mild temperatures. 53degrees in the district. relative humidity, 89%. the winds are calm. parametric pressure on the rise, 0.27. here ia look at the satellite- radar. hook how cloudy it is across our region. much different from yesterday, the day before where we saw a good amount of sunshine. today, it will be mostly clouds. can't rule out a ray of sun here or there but a lot of clouds around for today and those clouds could eventually produce some moisture for us. here is your forecast for today though. we'll see a mild day. not as warm as it was yesterday. highs in the low to mid-60s. cloudy skies. maybe a sprinkle here or there butt best hance of rain rase lili tonight into tomorrow. mo
portfolios over the largest bank holding companies of the united states accounting for about 2/3 of all the assets of the banking system. we were able to look across banks and examiners and asset classes and combined our usual examination procedures with off sight surveillance done by economists using a wide range of statistical methods. i think we learned a largement in that exercise -- large amount in that exercise. the confidence in the banking sector rose significantly but we also learned great deal about how to examine banks in a comprehensive way across the entire system. . i think, henry, i think going forward what we really need to know will be how to examine the system as a whole. i think one of the failures of regulatory oversight during the crisis was our -- when i talk about regulators in general, how individual firms and how each individual firm is doing. one of the things we've learned and very challenging for us as we go forward will be that we need to look at the whole system. we need to see how the markets have interact with each other. have interact with each other. we
trafficking is actually done out of the prison system in the united states. particularly the california prison system. and he mentioned one prison, pelican bay, in specific. and then i came back, and i found that there are all these cell phones in prisons which enables a group, name live the mexican mafia, to essentially use cell phones to give directives right out of prisons on hits, on territories, on dealers, and i think this is a very serious thing. i've introduced legislation that would make cell phones contraband in federal prisons with possession punishable by up to an additional year in prison. what do you think of this? what are you doing? it is a real problem, mr. attorney general. >> it is a real problem, senator. i had experience with that when i was the united states attorney here in washington, d.c. rapel edmonds was convicted, sent to jail and continued to run his drug enterprise from prison, was convicted again for that. the maintenance of cell phones in prison, i think, is unacceptable and i think we have to find ways in which we conif i skate them. you're right, they ought to
of open candid conversations that lead to decisions being made that will benefit the united states and move us toward goals like more peaceful prosperous outcomes for us and many parts of the world. secondly, i think it is important to underscore that we see the fight against al qaeda and the syndicate of terror in the security interest of the united states. i think that kind of got lost the last eight years with a lot of talk about how it wasn't important to get bin laden, you know, that we were there for some other reason. no. it's critical to get those who attacked us. that is what we are there for and what we are trying to do is to assess the best way forward so that we can go anywhere in the united states and anywhere in the world and say the same thing. you have to understand that we believe this syndicate of terror is a threat, not just to the united states and our friends and allies, but to pakistan, afghanistan and many others. >> let me turn to the issue of china where you and the president head next. the lead of the new york times story out this morning about the preside
problem will bring down other markets. stocks in the united states fell modestly. european markets gained friday, following the steep losses thursday when the u.s. markets were closed for the thanksgiving holiday. we will talk more about what is going on in to buy. let's go back to the phones. santa monica, california, danny on airline for democrats, go ahead. caller: i am a c-span junkie. host: are you going shopping this morning? caller: i saw an ad -- i saw a magazine called ad-busters and the advertised eight no-shopping day. i fast to be conscious of how we are overwhelmed with the amount of food we eat and plus the soldiers that cannot come home and eat. when i'm delirious the day after that, i will get the food but i bypass the shop and i will watch the coverage and see the faces of the people shopping. sometimes they are smiling but 90% of the time, they look very stressed out in photographs and the coverage in the news. i was calling to say that buy- nothing day is the best protest you can do and it is fantastic to be conscious of how we are manipulated by the credit card compani
security in the united states. foreign policy is that a zero. these men need to be protected. we may not want to have war, but this has never been declared a war. my ex-husband was a silver star in the marine corps. my fiancee was a captain in the navy. we are allowing this country to look like fools. it has got to stop. military men are trying their best, they need to be protected, we need more troops, and every time there is a news report saying that we are going to make a decision, he is taking too long to make this decision. host: we will have to leave it there. thank you, diane. front page of "the washington post" talks about what is leading up to the speech. "9000 marines beginning final preparations to deploy in southern afghanistan. the marines will be followed by 1000 u.s. army trainers to train the afghan army and police force. the new forces will not start moving until the president lines of both strategies at west point on tuesday. the editors of "the washington post weigh in this morning -- washington post" way in this morning. "if he is going forward to stabilize the co
from the cris so far worldwide which mostly concentrate on the united states $1.7 trillion. we're talkingbout credit sses in dubai o perhaps 0 billion. that an order of magnitude, tw orders of magnitude smaller in dubai than what we have senn the united states. the additional problems in the united states are another 100, 200,00 billion b they are coming on top of all these existing probls. they are comi into a banki system that is weak already in the uited states. >>warner: so briefly do we ve reason to be nervousby hat happened today in dubai. >> yes,t should make us nervou came at an ago waurd time. abu dhabi is closed for usiness until mondaso we don't know whateal they work ouuntil at least sunday. and if monday we have new rk opening without full relution of the issue, ithout total clarity it is going to be a difficult wee >> warner: si upon johnson of m.t. and the person institute, thank you so much. >> ank you. >> odruff: in other news today iran was censured r its nuclear pgram by the u.n.'s nuclear watch dog agency. 25 nations including cha and russia apoved the resol
to most of the north eastern united states it is a murky, cloudy, foggy pattern and damp from the last couple of days from precipitation. there is better weather building into the southern united states. right now clear skies across alabama up through georgia into north carolina. that headed our way. it takes another 24-hours to get here. this storm system over michigan will take its time moving north and east of us. there is another low off the coast spinning cloud cover our way. it all adds up to another damp start tomorrow morning. probably steady rain overnight tonight. if you head out early for the black friday shopping you'll find damp conditions and fog. better weather tomorrow afternoon. here it is in detail. showers overnight tonight. stops tomorrow morning at 10:00. most of the rain out of here. we'll clear out friday afternoon. into the overnight period friday into saturday we'll push the cloud cover out to sea. we are left with nice, dry conditions&looks like a blue sky day on saturday. that will last into most of sunday, as well. 42 tonight. cloudy skies. drizzle. fog. all
. >> thank you, sherrie. >>> and here is a close err look at the number of veterans in the united states. according to u.s. veteran's association. there are more than 23 million veterans in the country. more than 9 million veterans are 65 and older. nearly 2 million are younger than 35-years-old. >>> the summer sun is gone and many people heading indoors to get that south florida tan right? >> yes, but not in howard county. if you are under 18 you have to go without or go elsewhere to tan. >> reporter: the law is designed to prevent kids from getting skin cancer. some studies me the that tanning beds can cause melanoma. miss maryland 2006 was there, britney lee says she got melanoma after using tanning beds frequently. the current law requires paren tab consent if minors to tan but that they say is not strong enough. >> it is essential to help guide these vulnerable young adolescents involving healthy habits. >> tanning salons that violate the ban could be taken to court. the ban takes effect tomorrow. baltimore county is considering a similar law. the council there will vote on the me
. >> a united states senate makes a critical vote in the health-care debate. that story is coming up. >> we are watching a storm to the south. we will talk abo >> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal tv 11 news at 6 in hd. >> baltimore's mayor is keeping up appearances as her fate rests in the hands of the jury. our big story tonight is the criminal trial of baltimore mayor sheila dixon after the jury in her theft trial was sent home to the weekend. she got back to work. we are live downtown with details. >> the jury may be hung once again, but the mayor is out and about, keeping up with her public schedule even though the fate of her trial still hangs in the balance. just a short time ago, the mayor welcome at santa for the first meeting at the inner harbor. we tried to ask her how she was holding up after the 10-our jury deliberation, and still no verdict. she did not respond today, but earlier she was at a dedication for the park, and she told 11 news that she was keeping up with your schedule as planned. >> i am here, out, continuing to work. >> ready for this all to be over? >> of
of the military role. instead, he'll send billions in civilian aid. what does the united states have planned? >> the decision will be made soon. it will be one that is fully transparent so that the american people understand exactly what we're doing and why we're doing it and what it will entail. >> the rest of president obama's week in asia will include a series of meetings with allies. >>> the colorado parents whose spectacular hoax grabbed national attention has added another chapter. this morning in fort collins, the couple pled guilty. clayton sandell has the latest in colorado. >> reporter: richard and his wife arrived almost a month after launching this balloon and a major hoax. >> we are prepared at this point to enter a plea of guilty to attempt to influence a public servant, a class four felony. >> reporter: it is a felony. his wife pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor, making a false report. >> it's my judgment that the case is nothing more than a big misdemeanor. >> reporter: richard heene's lawyer says it is part of a deal to keep the family together. his wife is a japanese convictio
weapons program. the united states will support economic assistance and help promote its full integration into the community of nations. >> earlier today, president barack obama talked with allies about fresh punishment against iran for efforts to hold its nuclear weapons pursuits. also at today's meeting, the president addressed his commitment to resolving the free trade agreement between the united states and south korea. president obama is now back on his way to washington. >>> dl lawyers poured over dozens of motions yesterday as the defense and prosecution get ready to make closing arguments today. >> reporter: good morning, megan, closing arguments are set to begin at 9:00 this morning. the jury could start deliberating just before lunch. it was a short day in court yesterday. the defense rested its case an hour after court began. the last to testify was dixon's pastor, reverend frank reid. he characterized her as trustworthy and forthright. as you may recall on tuesday, the judge threw out two of the seven counts against the mayor. the judge must explain to the jury today what they
and the united states military. what they do is further strengthen the case for the honorable discharge for all muslims. how many do we have? how many do we have going around that tame? we don't. almost every single terrorist attacks in the united states and that is since 9/11 one way or another. >> all they do is therapy and we were against that and as far as taking that out, this had is really crazy, un-american. >> they received more than 300 responses today. go to wusa9.com and click on their headlines. >>> students at the university of maryland are commemorating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. and they built a small wall in the center of the plaza in college park. and they are encouraging others to cover that wall with graffiti to expr-sz their thoughts on what a wall means to them. >>> right now, it's time to check on the evening rush hour. and they are going to do that in our traffic center. >> that's right. the monday evening commute. very slow and stretches here on 270 northbound. take a look including right here at montgomery village avenue. very slow but no accid
for the next five years ache planned runoff elect has been canceled. that could complicate the united states' role in afghanistan. abdullah abdullah dropped out of the base race but the obama administration says it is preparing to work with karzai despite questions about his credibility t could take weeks before the president here decides how many troops to send to afghanistan. >>> the first lady turns h attention to school aged girls in an effort to keep them on track. tenth and eleventh grade gills will go to the white house and take part in educational career development, life skills and also mentoring with women from the east and the west wing. the similar program for high school boys will be launched sometime soon. >>> still ahead, new moves by the government to track the safety of the swine flu vaccine. >> coming up next, the redskins got a break this weekend in not having to play but the fans not giving them a break when it comes to sharing their opinion about what is wrong right now. we'll talk with somebody who gets paid to share his opinion of the skins coming up right after the br
assaulting a child. >>> somali pirates have hijacked a tanker on its way to the united states. a european union spokesperson says the ship was taken about 800 miles from somalia yesterday. it has 28 crew members, none of them from the united states. somali pirates have taken dozens of ships, but this may be only the second attack of an oil tanker. >>> tiger wood sincere talking about a car accident over the weekend, but he's not talking to police about it. rafer weigel has more about that. >> tiger and his wife erks elin, turned away from cops. under florida law, he technically does not have to talk to police. his attorney says, quote, it's a private matter. the accident happened early friday when woods ran his suv over a fire hydrant and crashed into a tree. he did release this statement on his website yesterday which reads, in part, although i understand there is curiosity, the many false, unfounded and malicious rumors that are currently circulating about my family and me are irresponsible. the only person responsible for the accident is me. that's a curious statement, robin. a tabloid
: good morning. yes, had there are deep points of disagreement between the united states and china. both presidents attempted to address critical issues while walking a delicate line. president obama and chinese president president hu engine take you appear ready to take on the big he is problems together. >> we know the relationship goes far beyond any single issue. >> reporter: following hours of talks, both sides stressed the importance of a united front and agreed to combat a host of issues from the economy and climate change -- >> we are creating a joint clean energy research center and have achieved agreements on energy efficiency. >> reporter: -- to nuclear threats from north korea and iran. >> iran has an opportunity to present and demonstrate its peaceful intention, but about it fail, there will be consequences. >> reporter: despite the new pledges of cooperation, it's clear both sides are still divided on several issues that won't be resolved during president obama's first visit. >> our relationship going forward will not be without disagreement or difficulty. >> reporter: that
. the president of the united states face-to-face with a pair of unindicted party guests, who turned out to be aspiring reality tv stars. the secret service is embarrassed. it is still not exactly clear how they waltzed into the white house dinner honoring india's prime minister. they cozied up to vice-president biden and a host of other partygoers. she and her husband are reportedly ready to tell their side of the story on monday. on her face but page, michaele says she was honored to be invited. her lawyer insists there were clear by the white house. but the secret service's their names are not on the guest list, and they should have been prohibited from entering their been entirely. >> ronald kessler wrote a book about the secret service, which he says has a dangerous habit of putting security corners. >> they could have taken a ninth of the table and stabbed the president. >> the secret service has questioned the couple. some believe they could be facing criminal charges, a steep price to pay for 15 minutes of fame. she is said to be a onetime member of the washington redskins cheerl
of the united states. 54degrees. i tell you what, i saw the movie 201 yesterday. i'm just happy to see california on the map. here a look at the satellite- radar composite for the nation. there she is storminess in the midwest as you can sigh the low pressure system right there, the precipitation spinning around t that is very slowly making its way eastward. we've had clouds across the southeastern seaboard and into our region as well, some cloud cover. we'll see more clouds today than wave seen. sex is clear. part of the reason we've seen the temperature drop off so significantly there. here is the forecast for washington for today. not a bad day. increasing clouds, seasonal temperatures. 58degrees for your high. our normal high is 57 degrees. we're right there. for tonight, we'll see more clouds, a chance of some showers popping up overnight particularly out to the west. overnight low about 48 degrees. then for your five-day forecast, 59 tomorrow with showers and clouds. friday, saturday, look good. sunday, more cloud build in again and bring another chance of some rain showers in th
people are talking about this morning. a new government report shows the united states military missed an opportunity to capture osama bin laden before the iraq war began. the report concludes our lack of action allowed bin laden to escape to pakistan. the report was ordered by a senate foreign relations committee chair john kerry. >>> the treasury department says it will announce plans tomorrow to target mortgage companies that are lagging behind on loan modifications. a spokeswoman says new steps will improve transparency then accountability. >>> hundreds of players from across the globe traveled to baltimore to play in the world's largest table tennis tournament and we are live there with a closer look at the stiff competition. sharon is a local table tennis professional. >> reporter: good morning. i have already been eliminated. and it hasn't even started. it starts at 9:00. 230 teams from around the world are here at the baal more convention center. it is the 2009 north american team table tennis championship. we actually have allen williams to tell us a little bit about it. good
the students that the united states and china should not be adversaries but instead allies any mutually beneficial relationship j the united states insists we do not seek to contain china's rise. on the contrary, we welcome china as a strong and prosperous an successful member. the community of nations, a china that draws on the rights, strengths and creativity of vim chinese like you. >> the president said, quote, more is gained when great powers cooperate than when they collide. tomorrow, mr. obama heads to beijing to meet with the chinese president. >>> the obama administering has its eye on an illinois prisons for a possible on for terrorism suspects being moved from guantanamo bay. officials say the thompson correctional center, about 150 miles west of chicago, is just one of the options they are considering. the defense department would lease a portion to house fewer than 100 guantanamo detapeees. a white house official said security would be ong the tightest in the country but republican lawmakers question bridging suspected terrorists to u.s. soil while the country is still at w
change and prevent nuclear proliferation. because of our cooperation, both the united states and china are prosperous and secure. what is important is to respect and accommodate the core interests and major concerns. >> outstanding divisions remain between the countries on a variety of issues, including trade policy, iran and human rights. both leaders agreed to meet early next year. >>> mammogrs for women under 50 don't necessarily save lives. tell that to breast cancer survivors. the healthcare community is divided tonight. who should you believe? the latest on the breast cancer screening battle coming up next. >>> swine flu wants to blame for employees calling in sick left and right. if you came down with the virus, can you afford to stay home? congress is checking the -- taking the sick leave debate to the top. >>> and the money team is on the hunt for deals. mel? >>> if your holiday to do list is too long,. >> an interesting way for you to manage that stress. how about taking a vacation from the holiday and we'll show you how in the holiday survival guide. 
, there is an iident there. >>> new this morning, a stern warning from the united states as afghan president hamid karzai was sworn in for a second term. he will spend five more years in control of the war-torn country. he pledged afghan forces would take over security within that time. secretary of state hillary clinton attended the ceremony and offered support but says the united states expects karzai to crack down on corruption in his couny. >>> president obama is on his way back to the united states after wrapping up his tour of asia. we will stop in alaska to refuel before continuing on to the district. mr.obama met with the south korean president and they discussed punishment against iran for continuing the nuclear weapons projects. president obama says the latest measures will be developed over the next several week but is not giving specifics so far. >>> another big story we are following, the democrats' health care bill will likely face an early showdown on the senate floor. the latest bill would cover # 1 million uninsured americans an set up he can changes that would help people get an
published in the united states, the insurers have, indeed, moved to be supportive of those guidelines. >> reporter: and that has some women concerned. >> it makes you feel like everything is about the money. >> reporter: so far, there is no indication of what the insurance companies will do. the head of health and human services says she would be surprised if they changed their policy. teri okita, wjz eyewitness news. >>> and there are about 10,000 new cases of cervical cancer each year. more than 4,000 deaths. >>> a fantastic friday to close out the workweek. a live look outside now. plenty of sun and pleasant temperatures. but is more rain on the way? look at that. let's just hold on that for a minute. sorry, bob. bob is here with the updated numbers from wiefort warning weather. >>> foo -- first warning weather. >>> we got anin area wide. -- area wide. right now, very nice around the region. 55 degrees. no clouds. no rain around. our next weather maker. there it is. down across portions of southern texas. this area of rain right here is developing. and it's going to head off to the
common in the united states at these town hall meetings. >> reporter: in front of a carefully selected audience and what sounded like carefully secretaried questions, he spoke about everything from the nobel peace price to his family. he did press on one point, which is access to the internet. >> i can tell you in the united states, the fact that we have free internet -- or unrestricted internet access is a source of strength. and i think should be encouraged. >> reporter: and there has been some openness about the president's visit here. newsper headlines trumpet his arrival and the fact that the chinese even allowed a carefully monitored town hall meeting may be seen as progres but the president was careful not to press too hard. china is after all the largest creditor. and the president was quick to saythat the two countries fates are interconnected. >> and that is why the united states insists we do not seek to contain china's rise. on the contrary, we welcome chinaas a strong and prosperous and successful member of the community of nations. >> reporter: and despite signs of openne
in the united states. he has spent much of his 17-year tenure -- jim smith says his passion and vision made the university a premier institution of higher learning. >> there has been a controversial announcement from the obama administration. khalid sheikh mohammed is the self-proclaimed mastermind of the 9/11 attacks and will be tried in new york. >> attorney general eric holder said he would not have made this decision if he was not absolutely confident that all five suspects would be convicted and likely face the death penalty. more than eight years after the september 11 attack, alleged mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed and four other suspects will be going to trial. >> they will be brought to new york to answer for their alleged crimes blocks away from where the twin towers once stood. >> he was to be prosecuted at guantanamo bay. president obama has pledged to close the prison and move some cases to u.s. courts. >> i am convinced that khalid sheikh mohammed will be subject to the most exacting demands of justice. >> while civil rights groups praised the move, others called it is respo
afternoon. it is the worst mass shooting ever at a military base in the united states. military officials believe a major on the base, nidal hasan is the shooter. hasan is not dead as previously reported. >> he is currently in custody. and in stable condition. i say again, the shooter is not dead but in custody and in stable condition. >> there is going to be a lot of focus on maybe people that he spoke to. why some action wasn't taken. i don't don't doubt for a second there will be a lot of red flags floating around about this guy. >> meanwhile we are learning more about the man suspected in the shooting rampage. the mosque his son attended says the army psychiatrist did not seem an an extremist. he knew hasan for more than ten years and he was quiet and ten years and he was act you'vely looking for a wife through a program at the mosque. he says in the program application, there hasan listed himself as palestinian even though he was born right here in the united states. now, hasan does have ties to our area. jody smith is live with more on that and possibly what could have been motive f
is a closer look at the number of veterans right here in the united states. according the u.s. veteran's administration. we have more than 23 million veterans. more than 6 million of them are 45 and older. and nearly 2 million are younger than the age of 35. >>> it's 5:15 right now and the cold season is upon us. we are all watching for symptoms like fever in our kids. but these days there dozens of thermometers on the shelves. you have to know which one is best for your family. >>> this mother was very worried when her son came council with a bug. >> he had a stomach flu, we didn't know what it was. >> she tried almost all thermometers. >> we would try each one every time he got sick. when it didn't work he tried another one. there there are so many options out there. the nia is conducting a test to determine the accuracy of all of the different thermometers. when it comes to digital devices choosing one has more to do with the age. >> the most act sate a rectal thermometer on a six month old or older. but it's perfectly fine to do an under arm thermometer. >> reporter: although exper
would not be released in the united states. >>> and the nor'easter that moved through last year brought tires off shore of the island. that is a result of the wind and rain. a volunteer crew started removing them today. >>> take a live look outside right now. the temperatures have dropped and the skies are pretty blue and we are watching the satellite/radar. we are live with complete first warning weather coverage. marty bass is in the outback. >> it is not bad after all. >> and bernadette woods is in the weather center. >> the sun is coming out and it is nice. we want to show you the first warning doppler radar. it is dry around us. to the west and south, showers are developing. high pressure is dominating us and keeping us dry. the high will give way and give us a chance for showers as we head into tomorrow and that will continue into friday morning. for what else is going on with the weather, let's go out to marty. >> thank you very much. it is mid week. we like to look at the weekend. i can tell you this. the weather might be getting very problematic. let's take a look at the graphi
and everyone of you here today, and god bless the united states of america. >> much more ahead. >> and we will take a look to one of your answers to the water cooler question of the day. >> here is a look at the winning lottery numbers from last night. the luck. ( tires screeching ) ♪ people say i'm forgetful. ( horn honking ) maybe that's why we go to so many memorable places. love the road you're on. the all-new subaru outback. >> the ravens are back, this morning very much alive in the playoff race. 16-0 ab to the browns. the first shutout in three years for the ravens. 5-4 is the record. the cleveland fans in new their office would not score points. joe flacco to derrick mason. he runs away. out of bounds at the 13. ray rice, the touchdown machine. his first touchdown against the browns on july 27. he's coarsest to get here. the ravens get some more points. suggs escorts him in. the defense is not forget. they sat this player four *. s acked -- sacked this player 4 times. >> anytime there is a shut out, it is a credit to your defense. we had difficult formations and alignments. they
regrets allowing her to live with her mother. >>> the president of the united states and the president of china discussed nuclear weapons and other issues. good relations are crucial to keeping the u.s. economy in motion. >>> firefighters rushed to the scene of a massive fire in california. the flames broke out in a warehouse in los angeles. firefighters say a pair of palates were the cause of the fire. >>> not everybody is lucky enough to have the terminator serve them breakfast. california governor arnold schwarzenegger has arrived in baghdad today. he is planning to work out with some troops later in the day. >>> former alaska governor and vice presidential candidate sarah palin is giving advice about the 2012 election. she is on a book tour for "going rogue." in an interview today, palin said a 2012 presidential bid is not on her radar. >>> take another live look outside and stick around. the complete first warning weather forecast is 2.5 minutes away. >>> here is a look at the midday stocks for today. >>> welcome back. take a look at temperatures around the region. 47 in oakland.
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plants have been initiated in the united states. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >>> a maryland soldier who was among the victims at this month's fort hood massacre cast laid to rest today. lieutenant colonel juanita warman of havre de grace was a military physician assistant. she helped service members cope with the mental strain of deployment. warman was at fort hood to get ready for deployment to iraq. she had worked at the perry point veterans medical affairs medical center in maryland. she was buried this afternoon at arlington national cemetery. >>> for a look at tonight's top stories. jurors in the theft trial of baltimore mayor sheila dixon have deliberated for three days but there is still no verdict. the jury sent a note to the judge today saying they are making great progress after a weekend away from the case. but they went home again tonight without reaching a verdict. the mayor is accused of using gift cards intended for the needy on personal shopping sprees. if convicted she faces removal from office. >>> a man remains hospitalized tonight after a shootout with police but
terrorists were acquitted they would not be released in the united states. >> the attorney general also is responding to questions today about the forty hood shooting ram paid. >> reporter: he's disconcerned about the contacts between the shooting suspect and a radical overseas. there's e-mails did not advocate or threaten violence. police believe they signed open fire killing 13 people and wounding dozens of others. the government is in a process of conducting a federal review to determine if any internal warping signs were missed. >> okay. thank you. >> hello. we have had an above ground gas explosion. it's occurred shortly after 3:00 today. it's the 300 block of old stage road that's off off quarter field road. apparently, they were on the scene when above ground gas line apparently exploded. now it's not -- we don't know of injuries here at the scene. at this particular time, the damage appears to be reasonably minimal. no one has been sent to a local hospital. fire officials were on the scene a short time ago. they have shut off the gas line and appears there is no further danger f
of utah, and the united states of america. >> reporter: a senior fbi official tells nbc news that a search of nidal malik hasan's e-mails, computers, and phone records has turned up nothing that would change the original assessment that he acted alone. investigators also found no notes or videos left behind by hasan. as the investigation into the shooting continues, a question has been raised about whether some of the victims were hit by friendly fire, given the number of wounds and shots reported. >> it's difficult for me to conceive of one man, an inexpert man, wielding two pistols, changing magazines to fire 100 shots with nothing further happening. >> reporter: the military though denies the friendly fire allegations. amid concerns that muslim-americans might now face a backlash as seen on this sign outside ft. hood, president obama in his internet address spoke about the value of diversity in the military. >> there are christians and muslims, jews and hindus, and nonbelievers thp they a er nonbelievers. they reflect the disveversity t make this is america. what they share is a patriot
an interesting life. that could have been the first lady of the united states this. fred thompson wanted to be president of the united states senate seat from tennessee. lori morgan joining us coming up. on car insurance. what you might not know is that you can contact geico to see if you could save on homeowner's and renter's insurance too. for more information call 1-800-947-auto or check the yellow pages for an office near you. [tires screeching] [screech] accidents can happen anytime. that's why geico's here 24 hours a day, every day. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >> is this wjz baltimore. >> good morning, maryland. now, don scott, marty bass, breaking news with mary bubala. your first warning weather and wjz traffic control with sharon gibala. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> it's friday. >> it's the bottom of the hour. in 15 seconds it will be 6:30. sharon has what is going on after marty's weather. >>> those clouds, gorgeous sunrise. clear skies through this friday. let the weekend party begin. 49 at lunch. 47 degrees for the evening. not
detainees to the united states. >>> cashing in on bernie madoff's name. you won't believe how much people are paying for his stuff. >>> thousands of coins on display and for sale here. we'll have details and talk to an artist who paints some of these rare coins. after the break. >>> but first, here are saturday's winning lottery numbers. good luck. for a short time, dunkin' donuts has something the whole gang will love -- six fresh, delicious donuts for just $3. affordable treats to share with friends, family, and co-workers. grab six donuts for only $3 today. america runs on dunkin'. >>> welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. it is sunday, november 15th. taking a look at a very nice day at improvement over the last four we have had. rain, rain, and rain. looking at pretty nice conditions today. going up to 70 degrees today, dry conditions, warm breezes across the region. 70 degrees for today actually. a little cooler for tomorrow. but we stay with sunshine pretty much through the week. overnight lows staying down mid to upper 30s. >>> tim, thanks. first turning to the other stor
. >> doubles the united states of america. thank you very much. -- god bless the united states of america. >> more trauma concerning michael jackson's memorial service. one party is saying they are being below the -- bullied into paying costs. investigators found a body of schneider davis. -- of davis. shaniya >> new tonight at 530, the owner of the mall has a lot of debate about a casino at the mall. the city council is set to make a zoning decision next month, but this -- of the store's owner tells them to bring it on. >> simon property group is the indianapolis-based company that owns the randall mills and said they took the unusual step for advocating for one potential tenant to bring slots out publicly for the first time. >> >> greg goodman is president of the company that runs the mall. his first point is that anyone that says a slot for the family nature of the mall, no one has the greater reason to protect what there is now than he does. >> we have a center that is 100% leased with the parking lot filled every weekend. we -- this was very successful. we did not have to do this. af
degrees in st. louis. 64 in dallas. the center portions of the united states is dealing with warmer, mild air. that is what is going to be headed our way for the daytime for tomorrow. 60 degrees for tomorrow in some areas. the futurescan model, clear skies for the daytime for sunday. 8:00 a.m. a beautiful day. clouds will be on the increase throughout the day and by game time for 8:00 tomorrow evening, mostly-cloudy skies and then the rain showers will hold off. by monday morning, by your morning commute or if you have an early-morning flight, there could be travel delays as a cool front will push in allows for scattered rain showers. a better chance for heavier precipitation around 11:00 a.m. it's a fast-muling cold front that will push through fairly fast. we have an area of high-pressure system in control. nice and mild for the daytime for tomorrow. one more nice, sunny day. here comes that cold front is in the center portions of the united states. it will bring isolated rain showers for monday. light in nature on monday and pretty much a fast-moving cold front. once t
for terminology for our developmentally disabled across the entire united states. >> when is your birthday rosa? >> i don't think you can stop the playground use of the word probably ever, but we can stop teachers and doctors and professionals from using it. >>reporter: it could take years before this bill turns into federal law. >>> across the country, people are making big plans for thanksgiving and that means traveling to see friends and family. triple a expects nearly 39 million people who will be traveling this holiday. air travel, however, is expected to be down by about 1.5 percent this year. highway travel is expected to be up by 1.4 percent. >>> nicole was featured on maryland's most wanted two weeks ago and soon after the story aired, was captured by authorities. tonight police hope you will give them a tip that will lead them to her accomplice. jeff barnd ms. more. >>reporter: this is 21-year old brown. she's wanted by the regional warrant apprehension task force on several charges, including robbery and assault. police say on august 26th, brown robbed a boutique in federal hill
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